Pay property taxes at the county treasurer.

Nobody likes paying taxes, but it sure is an important task to take care of.

In Lake County, property taxes are due in May and November.

If the property has a mortgage on it, sometimes the taxes are escrowed. Escrow means the mortgage company collects the tax payments each month and then pays them on your behalf when the payment is due. You can check the mortgage statement to see if it shows an amount being paid to "escrow."

If they are not escrowed or there is not a mortgage on the property, it is now your responsibility. If they are not paid by the due date, the county will start to charge penalties.

You can look up your taxes here, at the Lake County site.

If you are not able to navigate the search, you can always call their office at 219-755-3760.

If you have questions, you can contact us here.

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