Secure the property to prevent squatters.

This is one that most people never think of, but it actually exists.

It doesn't take long for the neighbors to notice that a house is unoccupied.

Unfortunately, there are other eyes noticing the house is vacant. Squatters will typically find an empty house and watch it for a few weeks to see if anyone comes or leaves the house. Once they feel confident it is vacant, they will find a way into the house and make it home while you are paying the insurance, utilities and other costs.

Although this isn't a common problem, it can be the most frustrating issue to deal with. Some of these people will even create fraudulent leases causing you to have to legally evict them.

You need to ensure that the house is completely secured. Check all the windows to ensure that they latch properly. Then, check to make sure all doors are properly locked and deadbolted.

Next, let the neighbors know that you are working on the property and that no one should be visiting without your permission. Provide them with your name and phone number and ask them to call you if they see anything suspicious.

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