Service sump pump to prevent flooding.

The sump pump seems to just sit in the corner long as it is doing its job.

However, sump pumps have a lifespan and rarely give any warning before they give out. Typically, the first sign of failure is when the water starts backing up into the house.

When we buy a house, the first thing we do is change out the sump pump. It just isn't worth the damage the water will cause, especially if you have years of memories stored away down there.

The best thing to do is change the sump pump. It can be a job that you do yourself or any plumber will be able to assist. If you end up working with us, it is one of the first things that we will take care of.

The last thing you want is a mess like the one we bought in Crown Point below.

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This was a house in Crown Point that didn’t service the sump pump and it caused a HUGE mess. The sump pump gave out and the water filled the basement ruining most of the belongings that were stored down there.

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