Turn off water valve at main supply line.

Every house has a main water line coming into it. It is one pipe that feeds the entire house.

It is very important to locate this valve and shut it off if the house is not going to be occupied.

Leaving the water on leaves you with 2 major risks.

1. Leak in a pipe

You never know when a pipe is going to decide to spring a small leak. If someone is living in the house, they will usually find the leak fairly quickly. But, when it is not occupied that leak can run unnoticed for a long time causing major damage.

2. Heafty water bill

Even if there is not water leaking all over the house, older toilets and faucets can have many small leaks. These leaks just go unnoticed down the drain, but it is wasting thousands of gallons of water. Your first clue that you have a leak is usually the extremely high water bill.

It is just easier to prevent these 2 issues and shut the water off at the main valve.

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